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Elme Messer Gaas in figures:

  •     Elme Messer Gaas operates in 5 countries
  •     Collaborates with more than 80 gas centres
  •     Has 6 plants for producing industrial gases
  •     Has 5 air separation plants (two in Liepaja, one in Narva, Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov)

Additionally, Elme Messer Gaas uses the experience and resources of the company Messer Group:

  •     Messer Group operates in more than 30 countries and is represented with approximately 60 manufacturing companies
  •     Has more than 120 locations in Europe and Asia
  •     Has a solid 110 years’ of experience in the gas industry
  •     Operates 12 companies in China in the central industrial areas of Sichuan, Yunnan, Southern China and the capital Shanghai
  •     Operates 6 gas plants for the production of speciality gases in Europe and China
  •     Has a pipe system of more than 85 kilometres in Spain
  •     Has 86 plants for producing industrial gases
  •     Produces gases in more than 30 air separation plants
  •     Collaborates with more than 1200 gas centres

You can ask Messer experts in the local region to benefit from the use of our flexible solutions for gas supply and logistics. You did not need to have - gas cylinders, tanks, tankers, or on-site delivery at your company - We are where you need us.


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